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Not Goodbye. Say So Long.

December 31, 2012


Hello all.  It has been a while. Hasn’t it?  If you’ve been reading Coily Crowns consistently over the last few years, then you know that the blog came to a halt months ago.  It has been lovely interacting with readers and fellow bloggers.

With that being said, I want to officially announce that I will no longer be continuing this blog.  Thanks for all the emails, comments and for taking the time out to read my little raindrop of a blog in the monsoon that has become natural hair blogging.  (Yes, I know I became an “everything blog” but Coily Crowns’ roots are natural.)

There shall be one final post, a hairstyling tutorial, in the very near future.  My hairstyle posts were always popular and I definitely wanted to fulfill the tutorial promise.  I shot a video for The Triple Crown.  I think that style pieces together the techniques one would need to try her hand at any of my styles.  I hope that I’ve helped, amused and informed over the years.

I won’t be disappearing completely.  I’m embarking on some new endeavours and perhaps a blog of some sort might crop up again.


So long,

Regina :)


P.S. Enjoy the New Year!! New beginnings.


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