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R.I.P Whitney Houston

February 18, 2012

One of music’s greats, Whitney Houston, is being laid to rest today.  I, as many of my generation, grew up with Whitney’s powerful voice showing us how it’s done.  I don’t remember there ever not being a Whitney Houston.  I was too young to remember when she was introduced to the world.

When the public mourns a celebrity, some say “it’s not like you knew her/him”.  Oh, but I did know Whitney.  I know I remember singing “How Will I Know” as a little girl.  I know that I don’t know anyone who sang or knew someone who sang a Whitney Houston song at a school graduation or talent show.  I know that I remember The Bodyguard soundtrack completely taking over the radio in the 90’s.  I know the goosebumps I felt, and still feel, listening to Whitney singing The Star Spangled Banner were real.  At the time, Whitney’s rendition of the national anthem brought pride to me and other young girls who looked just like me.  (We relentlessly talked about it in school the next day.)

So in the end, I may not have sat down and had a meal with Whitney or opened Christmas presents with her, but her music plays in the soundtrack of my life as it does many others.  And that will always be rememered and it will always be why I love her.  We wanted Whitney to “comeback” and rise above the demons that were evidently determined to weigh her down.  It’s ultimately sad that  she is gone, to say the least, but I’m glad we got to share her and her gift while she was here.

Rest in Peace Whitney.

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