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Rest In Peace Don Cornelius

February 2, 2012

Paul Natkin/WireImage

Yesterday, we lost a trailblazer when Don Cornelius died from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound according to Los Angeles County assistant chief coroner, Ed Winter. Like many, ‘Soul Train’ was a huge part of my Saturday mornings as a kid. No one matched up to Don C’s smooth voice. It was perfect. Such as sad ending to his legacy. Conspiracy theories aside, suicide is real. Depression is real. Mental illness is real.  And if anyone is going through dark times, reach out. When one notices a change in a friend or relative, reach out. It’s easier said then done but never impossible. Rest in Peace Don Cornelius.

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  1. Patience permalink
    February 3, 2012 2:14 am

    This is very sad. I know here in Africa, Black Africans do not beleive or even “tolerate” depression and mental illness. We never seek help and never talk about it. It breaks my heart because one can get help and live a better life. Do you find it’s the same with African Americans?
    RIP Don C

    • Regina permalink*
      February 3, 2012 9:09 am

      Hi Patience. Yes, this is very sad indeed. I would say that here in America mental illness in the Black community is often ignored or unaccepted. Many people see depression as a weakness. Some will say the depressed person wasn’t being strong, wasn’t a fighter or just didn’t have enough faith or didn’t pray enough. More people are talking about it now so I would say it’s a start, but there is a long way to go.

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