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Eats & Treats: Tre

October 11, 2011

My fellow brunchers, I’d like for you to get acquainted with one of my fav brunch spots in the city, Tre.  This quaint restaurant tucked away in the Lower East Side and its “Boozy Champagne Brunch” special is the perfect start to a lovely Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Get there at Noon, when the doors open, get seated quickly and start champagning it up (or mimosa or bellini-ing it up if you prefer) while you choose your dish from the brunch menu.  The best part about this special, aside from its cool price of $19.95, is the unlimited brunch cocktails.  Yes, the drinks will keep flowing and they are not stingy; the only catch: there’s a 90 minute time limit for each table.  (Really, did you think they were going to just let you booze the afternoon away?)  It’s a great deal and the food is tasty.  My favorites are the Uova del Ranch (pictured above to the right) and the Tre burger (Which I got with a fried egg on it…don’t judge me.)

Brunch is not the only thing going down at Tre.  On “Sangria Mondays”, Tre offers an excellent unlimited spaghetti and lamb meatball dish (pictured below).  The beverage of choice is (surprise) sangria.  Hence the event name.   (It does sound better than Spaghetti and Meatball Mondays…or does it?)  Stuff yourself with the scrumptious pasta also for the good ‘ol price of $19.95 (and the 90 minute limit).   I must be honest here though, the sangria is weak.  But, I still think it is a good deal overall.

If you’re in NYC, grace Tre with your presence and bring cash.  This is not a debit/credit friendly spot.


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