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Food Truck Paradise

August 22, 2011

Over the weekend I attended Parked! Food Truck Festival, an event where over 30 NYC food trucks and carts gather for your gorging pleasure.  This year’s event was in lower Manhattan at South Street Seaport.  As a foodie, I am ashamed to not have known about the event sooner to put you NYC readers on to it.  I’ll be more on top of this next year.  The good news is that many of these trucks can be spotted around this great town on any given day.  Here’s my rundown on the spots that I tried:

Go Burger (@goburger
I had the “Philly” burger which had onions, peppers, jalapeños and Provolone cheese.  It was definitely tasty but a little salty in my opinion.  Luckily, the extra sodium didn’t ruin it.

Kimchi Taco (@kimchitruck
I love kimchi so this truck was  a no brainer.  I tried the chicken and the steak tacos (pictured above).  I usually love steak tacos but I think the chicken surprisingly won this round .  Aside of the obvious kimichi, the tacos are topped with Asian Pico de Gallo and green onions.  I added a light splash of “mild” hot sauce to my tacos and I probably shouldn’t have.  The kimchi is spicy enough so unless you have one of those cast iron stomachs and mouths and you love spice, I think the tacos stand alone without the sauce just fine.  I didn’t mind the extra little burn, but I could have done without it.

They also offer a few other items including a kimchi bowl and a Kim-Cheesesteak, a hoagie stuffed with meat, kimchi and cheese that looked quite tempting but I needed to save room.  All in all good stuff.


That was about it for food when my powerful sweet tooth kicked in.

Van Leeuwen (@vlaic
Artistan ice cream at your service.  Any truck that offers ice cream in flavors like red current, ginger and earl grey is tops in my book.  I had a root beer float with earl grey ice cream and Virgil’s Root beer.  Yum yum and more yum.

Macaron Parlour (@MacaronParlour
I’ve been on the hunt for these little cookies for a hot minute.  Among this stand’s many choices were Coffee Buttercream (delish), Candied Bacon with Maple Cream (no pork on my fork so I don’t know how it tastes but it does sound interesting), Red Velvet (delish delish), Lemon (good) and Pistachio (yum).  I would very much like to try some other flavors on their menu, so I will be on the lookout for more of  Macaron Parlour’s offerings.

Coolhaus (@coolhausny
Coolhaus ice cream sandwhiches  are supreme.  First you choose the cookies you want for your sandwhich then the ice cream you want to fill it.  There are some unique choices on the menu like Balsamic fig & Mascarpone ice cream (I wanted that flavor but they had run out by the time I made it to the front of the looong line so…) I had the double choclate fudge cookies with Matcha Green Tea ice cream.  Heaven!

Honorable mention:

The Red Hook Lobster Pound (@redhooklobsterpound
During my entire time at the food festival I kept spotting lobster rolls and boy did they look tasty.  Here’s the kicker though: I can’t eat the stuff.  I’m allergic to lobster.  However, once I found the truck I saw that they offered a shrimp roll but I was far too stuffed by the time I got there and the line was way too long anway (perhaps for good little scrumptious reasons….Oh and yes, I’m allergic to lobster but not shrimp.  Go figure!).  Red Hook Lobster Pound, you shall be seeing me in the future.

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