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Body Products from Oyin

February 9, 2011

My skin does love Oyin Handmade’s Whipped Pudding and I wanted to try out some other Oyin products for the body.  I bought one 80z. bottle of  AfterBath Blended Body Oil* and HoneyWater** for $10 each.  Here’s what I thought about them:

The AfterBath Blended Body Oil is packed with a combo of oils.  It is “fast absorbing” and it makes my skin feel soft especially if applied right after a shower on wet skin.  If you’re into bath or massage oils, this may be for you.  However, my only gripe with this product is the smell. Even though I bought the unscented version, a light scent that just didn’t agree with me that well, was present from one or more of the oils.  I don’t know which oil(s)…maybe the rice bran oil or the black seed oil..who knows.  Maybe one of the scented version like Coco-Mango might be better; the added fragrance may cover up the natural scent.  Nevertheless, I will finish the bottle that I have.

I indulge in a body spray every now and again.  HoneyWater Hydrating Body Mist was a lovely option as opposed to the alcohol-filled sprays out there.  It was light and the “Original Honey” scent was perfectly present but not overpowering.  I sprayed it all over my slightly damp skin after a shower before applying  lotion or creme.  I’ll probably pick up another bottle of HoneyWater here and there since I’m considering this body mist more of a treat than a skin regimen must-have. (But, to each his own.)




  *AfterBath: Virgen coconut oil, pure olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, mango seed oil, rice bran oil, walnut oil, black seed oil and natural vitamin E.
**HoneyWater: Filtered water, organic aloe vera juice, pure honey, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, polysorbate 20 and fragrance.

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  1. Jan permalink
    February 12, 2011 2:36 pm

    Hi, have u tried the hair dew as yet? I’m waiting on ur review since we have the same hair type. Would luv ur thoughts on it.

    • Regina permalink*
      February 12, 2011 6:07 pm

      Hello Jan. Yes, I tried it during my last wash. :) The review is coming shortly. Sorry to keep you waiting.

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