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Want to Learn The ABC’s of Braiding?

January 14, 2011

I know I am not the only one who’s had those “man, I wish I knew how to braid” moments.  My style creativity would increase tenfold with some braiding expertise.  However, I still haven’t been able to master any braiding techniques.  Even simple French braids that I try just never result in anything appealing.

Of course, there are instructional videos online.  Youtube and other online resources have become a major outlet  for everything that is hair.  I guess it all boils down to just watching the demonstrations and practicing.

Braiding is something that I try out here and there, but what revived my interest the other day was seeing a new course called “The Art of Hair Braiding” in the continuing education catalog of local NYC college, Lehman.  That’s a first for me and I browse through continuing ed courses often.  It took me a bit by surprise to see a braiding class being offered.  I guess if you live in The Bronx or nearby and don’t mind spending $105 to be introduced to the “various techniques in braiding and the beginning stages of cornrowing ,” then maybe you might want to look into this.  The  four-session course starts in March.  For more info:

Lehman College

I may, however, just up my practice time at home; I do need to practice more.  (I might need a mannequin head.)  Anyone have any tips on learning how to braid/cornrow?

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