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At the Salon: Part I

December 20, 2010

My trip to Hair by Nedjetti Salon was wonderful.  It is a home-based salon and I was made to feel very welcomed and comfortable.

My hair was washed while it was loose, which is something I don’t do at home, (and still won’t) but it didn’t cause any extra  tangling.  After my hair was washed, I enjoyed a relaxing scalp massage with Jane Carter Solution conditioner prelude to a spa-like steam treatment.  Once my hair was completely rinsed of conditioner, KeraCare Leave-in conditioner was applied and my hair was blown out.

I knew I was going to need a trim because, to be honest, I had been slacking on a thorough trim for some time now.  It turns out  that I had about  3-4 inches of bad ends.  As you should know, there is no saving bad ends and so they were chopped off.   My hair was parted first vertically and trimmed, then horizontally for the final snips. No love lost for me; I’d rather have them gone.  Lesson learned:  maintain regular trims.  Here are some before and after trim shots:

Stay tuned for the reveal of the style created by Nedjetti that I will post shortly.


*updated 1/4/11

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