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Washing My Coils- Part Trois

September 22, 2010

I’ve made some slight changes since I last posted my shampoo routine.  Most of the steps are the same except for the leave-in conditioner and sealing stage.  I won’t be repetitive and list all the steps again, so make sure to check the previous “Washing My Coils” post for steps 1-7 and 10.

8. Leave-in Conditioner: I use Karen’s Body Beautiful’s  Sweet Ambrosia or Oyin Handmade’s  Honey Hemp Hair Conditioner.  My hair will dictate which leave-in to use.  My usual go to is the Honey Hemp but if my hair starts feeling like it’s getting a protein overload (ie. hard), then I swap it out for some Sweet Ambrosia.  I apply the leave-in to the entire length of my hair.

9. Seal: KBB’s Butter love, Shealoe or Oyin’s Whipped pudding is applied from root to tip also.  I am more inclined to use the Whipped Pudding in warmer months because of its water content and use the the heavier butters in colder months.  I then retwist my hair and put some petroleum-free pomade on the ends of the twists.

Until next time. . .

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