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Vacation Hair Recap (Part 2)

July 20, 2010

Like I  mentioned in part one of my vacation hair recap, I didn’t have some of my supplies, like shampoo, with me in Puerto Rico.  I did, luckily, have my fav Juices and Berries herbal leave-in spray and my hair pomade. After a quick trip to Walmart (yes Walmart) in my rental, I had two products to add to my getaway stash: L’oreal Everstrong Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream.

I had to shampoo my hair after hitting up the beach and pool, of course.  The L’oreal shampoo was very creamy; it got the job done and didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped.  Next up, I applied the Neutrogena leave-in (which I probably didn’t even need).  It’s light and has a little meadowfoam seed, olive and sweet almond oils (The rest of the ingredients sound like chemistry class.) but left a bit to desired in the scent department.  I didn’t like the leave-in more than Honey Hemp but like I’ve said before Honey Hemp is on the back burner for something protein-free at the moment.  Finally, I gave my hair a dose of J&B then oiled my scalp with pomade and smoothed it on the length of my twists.  I also transitioned my style into an updo.  I pinned the twists up on the sides of my hair that were conrowed and let the other side hang down.

This was such an easy routine and it held me down for my entire vacation.  Although I don’t have scathing reviews of the products that were used leading to and during my vacay, I probably will never use these items on my hair again.   It looks like I have a new foot spa soak (shampoo) and shave cream (leave-in).

PS- These pics were taken after about 2 washes.

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