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Rolling the Dice on a New Conditioner

July 7, 2010

I’m in the market for a new conditioner.  As much as I love my Oyin products, the Honey Hemp Hair Conditioner has been leaving my hair a little hard lately.  My guess  is that I need to lay off the protein.  (Honey Hemp has hydrolyzed silk protein.)  I’ve been pondering about protein free leave-in conditioners for a while now and  I need to get some sooner rather than later.

My two picks are:

Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Nectar – I haven’t tried any of KBB’s hair products (the Olive Oil Body Lotion is amazing) but I’ve been eyeing them for a hot minute.  The nectar is protein free and KBB’s website labels it as “a light, leave-in conditioner formulated for medium to super thick naturally curly textures”.  Extra pluses: 11 different scents to choose from.  I love the White Tea scent for the lotion and I think I would love it in my hair.  An 8oz bottle retails for $16.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Grapeseed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Wax, Panthenol, Yucca Extract, Horsetail Extract, Jojoba Oil, Nettle Extract, Melissa Extract, Essential and/or Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E and Natural Enzymes.

Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-in Conditioner – According to Darcy’s Botanicals website this conditioner is the answer for keeping “your lovely coils and curls in top notch condition”.   It will “provide healthy conditioning, moisture, softness, and will make your hair easy to detangle”.  Sounds good to me!  Darcy’s Botanicals offers 13 scents to choose from.  The Juicy Peach scent seems right up my alley.
Ingredients: Distilled Water with Yarrow, Sage, Nettle & Lavender, Vegetable Glycerin, Avocado, Sunflower, & Sesame Oils, BTMS (a mild conditioning emulsifier), MSM, Guar Silk, a paraben-free preservative, and fragrance.

One of these will be in my possession shortly.  I’m still deciding.  Any suggestions?

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  1. July 7, 2010 10:31 am

    I personally haven’t used any of the one’s you mentioned, but i do use kinky curly knot today as a leave in conditioner because I can get it locally ($12 for 8oz). I like that it is organic and that I can go to the store and purchase rather than order online. I’ve used products that I have to get online namely Oyin and altough I know there is a wait time, I just like to have what I need when I need it. If you’re looking for something local, def. give it a try!

    • Regina permalink*
      July 7, 2010 11:11 am

      Thanks Chinye. I agree with the local vs. online situation. I actually don’t use many products that I have to order online besides styling cream and leave-in conditioner. I’ve been on the fence about trying Kinky Curly for a very long time. I think that is because it is suggested that Knot Today be used on very wet if not soaking wet hair. I prefer damp not sopping wet. And many reviewers (especially those with hair types similar to mine) stated that KKNT worked well when layered with other oils or products. I just want one quick and easy leave-in. But I’ll keep that in mind. I think there are some samples for sale at Ricky’s in NYC.

  2. July 7, 2010 7:34 pm

    I’ve used both and I think the KBB is ***WAY**** better than the Darcy’s. The Hair Nectar leaves my hair feeling like silk—for days! I could rant and rave about this stuff just as long, but I won’t, I’m just going to tell you one thing: buy the Hair Nectar. (ok, yes, I know all hair is different and if it helps, my hair is extremely thick, but the strands are very very fine and super coily with low porosity. I decided to buy this stuff based on a recommendation from other fine-stranded naturals….)

    Sure its a bit pricer, but I truly, madly, deeply love this stuff. More than the Kinky Curly Knot today too……..hello, my name is Cassadie and I am a PJ :)

    • Regina permalink*
      July 7, 2010 10:04 pm

      Thanks so so much Cassadie. My strands are fine too so maybe this may work. LOL you are too much. :)

      • July 8, 2010 1:30 pm

        I know….it’s tough even more to hang with me sometimes!! :)

        glad to help! (but remember….steer clear of the Chamomile Sage….)

      • Regina permalink*
        July 8, 2010 1:53 pm

        Oh you don’t even have to tell me. A shop nearby my neighborhood sells the lotions that’s how I tried the White Tea. I smelled the Chamomile Sage and did not like it. Thank’s for the warning.

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