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Chunky Twists

May 5, 2010

Here are my chunky twists.  These twists look much thicker then the ones that I normally wear (and I love that).

I usually do twists on damp hair  after I’ve washed, conditioned and blotted.  This time, I ended up doing twists on dry hair because I really wasn’t feeling the style that I had done the day before.  I was going out of town and wanted a fresh style.  In need of a switch up, I undid my hair, spritzed it with some water, and rubbed a bit of Honey Hemp Hair Conditioner on it.  I randomly twisted small pieces of hair (I detangled with a wide tooth comb when necessary.) and after I was done, I pinned the twists up.  

I like that the chunky twists appear much less scalpy then my normal twists.  The only down side is that I don’t think that I”ll be able to preserve this style during a wash in the same way that I do with the smaller twists.  I like to wear twists for around 2½ to 3 weeks and co-washing when needed during that time period.  Nevertheless, there is a bright side: when it was time to shampoo my hair it was already detangled and twisted. (Step two of my wash routine done!)  So all I had to do was remove the pins, rub on some coconut oil (let it sit for a while), hop in the shower and cleanse away.  I enjoyed this lovely style for two weeks.

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  1. May 7, 2010 7:04 pm

    so cute! I always love your updo styles!

  2. Legally Natural permalink
    June 22, 2010 1:54 pm

    This is really pretty. I think I will try this one day.

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