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Sunscreen. No for Hair Yes for Body

April 29, 2010

Well, I came to the conclusion that sunscreen is not needed for my hair.  I do, however, use sunscreen on my skin faithfully.  As the weather gets warmer, folks get a little more sunscreen conscious.  Sunscreen is a must all year round for me and should be.  (Well, all year long for my face and neck, but more so  in warmer months  for the rest of my body due to more skin exposure.)  Lady spring arrived a few weeks ago (although she’s been quite the tease up here in NYC) and with summer well on its way I would like to share my sunscreen picks.

For my face I use:

Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer (Sensitive Skin)

It’s light and has SPF15 for sun protection.  My face doesn’t feel overly greasy when I use it which is always a good thing.

For my body, I like:

Coppertone® NutraShield™ SPF 30 with Dual Defense

I feels smoother on my skin, unlike some of the very thick sunblocks out there, and it has a fainter sunblocky (for lack of a better word) smell.  All sunblocks have this distinct smell to them (at least I think so). I use SPF30 but Coppertone also makes it in SPF70+.  It keeps me moisturized and shielded from those pesky rays.

Any sunscreen picks to share?

PS. My non-chemical honorable mention for sunny weather:  big ol’ shades.

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