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Wearing Her Crown–Cee D.

March 20, 2010

When did you go natural and why?
I couldn’t wait to celebrate my twelfth birthday since this was the day that my mother promised she would perm, or as my fellow Trinidadians put it, “straighten,” my hair!  All of my peers, long before they had turned twelve, had “straightened” their hair; I was the only one left to ‘”suffer” looking different.
But, as I grew older, I realized that maintaining permed hair was not only costly but the chemicals from the perm were damaging my scalp!  I felt bound to my hairdresser, since every two to three months, I had to have her “touch up” my new growth.  And, God forbid I should brush my hair or scratch my head before the “touch up”.   LAWD!  The perm would burn my scalp and thick scabs would later form, making it very difficult for me to enjoy my new do!
I endured this for many years until the birth of my third son, Asher (translated from Hebrew to English as “Happy”).  During this pregnancy, I felt ugly, fat and undesirable.  My marriage was falling apart, and I vaguely saw any type of future for my two young sons and the son to come.

One day, though, I decided to do something special for myself.  I decided to get my hair braided with extensions.  I kept this look until I gave birth to Asher…to “Happy.”

I prayed feverishly that God would save my marriage, mainly for the sake of structure for my young black sons, but what He caused me to do was to become very introspective.  I took a raw look at my flaws and my strengths.  I asked for help to work on the weaknesses and grew courage from the strengths.
The Bible says that a woman’s hair is her glory…her splendor…her great distinction!  I took a good look at my “glory”.  My natural hair grew away from the braided extensions and underlying permed hair!  The life blossoming out of my head was coiled, shiny, strong and resilient.  It was at that moment that I knew I could handle anything that my future would hold.

Did you transition or do a big chop (BC)?
If you transitioned, what were your transition st
When Asher was born, I patiently undid every tiny braid and surveyed the new growth.  I carefully combed it, then chopped off, row by precious row, all of the permed remnants.

What were some of your challenges (if any) as a new natural?

The comb didn’t glide through my hair as quickly, or easily, as it did when my hair was processed.  Every time I combed my hair, I couldn’t be in a hurry.  I had to take my time, divide my thick locks into sections, then detangle each part.

What’s your
signature style?
First, it was the combed-out Angela Davis Afro wrapped at the hairline with a funky scarf. Then, my style evolved into a loosely coiled, wavy Afro (no scarf).

What products do you like
Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner and Pantene’s Relaxed and Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.

What do you love most about being
It is a reflection of who I am, without pretense.
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  1. March 22, 2010 1:56 pm

    Beautiful! I have very similar coils…. great profile!

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