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Another Peek Into My Hair Habits

November 12, 2009


I’ve learned a lot about caring for my hair this year.  I’m still solidifying my regimen and it’s been fun as well as frustrating.  I get asked lots of questions about products, trimming, washing, conditioning and other aspects of my hair routine.  I’m still experimenting and sorting a lot of that out but in the meantime, here are my hair habits:

  • Sulfate shampoos will not touch my hair or scalp.  Oyin Handmade’s Honey Wash is a sulfate-free option that I like, but there are other sulfate free shampoos out there, so see what your hair likes.  Now, I’m a fan of my castille soap shampoo.  It’s just as cleansing.
  • I only wash my hair while it’s in large twists. This reduces tangling and breakage while washing.  When deep conditioning, I may unravel the twists (0ne at a time as I go along), then apply the conditioner to get better coverage and retwist.
  • Washing my hair with conditioner is good, but I’m not a complete convert.  I use this method more so if I’m working out a lot and, therefore, need to wash my hair more than once a week .
  • Set trim schedules are definitely not a part of my regular routine.  Usually, if  my ends are looking particularly dry or scraggly or they get tangled into a  knot, I’ll search them out and cut them off.  Other than that, when I do decide to do a proper trim, I’ll put my hair into small twists all over and snip the ends of every twist.
  • I never detangle or comb out my hair when it’s dry. (I’m sure this is nothing new to my fellow naturals by now.)  I spritz my hair with a water-conditioner spritz or apply conditioner directly to my hair then detangle with my fingers and a wide tooth seamless comb.  (I read that combs with seams, the line running down the middle of most combs, can snag hair.)  I can then detangle with minimal  breakage.
  • Sleeping  with a satin bonnet or scarf  is a must.
  • If I’m wearing a loose style for the week (other than my puff),  I moisturize my ends with water and seal with shea butter, a petroleum free pomade or castor oil then put my hair into large twists before going to bed everynight. If I’m wearing my puff, I usually just spritz it with Oyin’s Juices and Berries mixed with castor oil daily.
  • I DO NOT spend a lot of money on products.  It’s really not necessary.  A few key affordable staples will take care of the hair all the same.
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