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Are Towels Bad For Drying Your Hair?

August 6, 2009

towelIt seems that a lot of ladies are choosing to use t-shirts instead of towels when drying their hair. Apparently, this is supposed to help decrease frizziness and split ends. This may prove useful since, when towel drying, most people tend to vigorously rub their hair with cotton towels. Doing this can be rough on your hair.

Frizziness is not something that I feel I have a problem with, but I want to protect my fragile ends. When I decided to give this method a try, I washed and conditioned as usual, then wrapped and secured a t-shirt around my hair. I kept the t-shirt on long enough to soak up a sufficient amount of water, removed it and let my hair air dry. It did the job, but t-shirts are not nearly as absorbent as a towels.

If you still have towels on the brain and are not ready to dive into the t-shirt turban movement, microfiber towels are gaining popularity. They’re very absorbent, decrease drying time and should reduce frizz without being rough on your hair.


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