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Wearing Her Crown–Ameerah

August 2, 2009

When did you go natural and why?
I went natural in 2006 as a result of a horrible hair incident. I had been getting relaxers twice a year and usually wore my hair as a wash and go in good weather. Managing hair in the unpredictable and cold weather of upstate NY was hard, so one winter break I decided to get micro braids.

It was my first time getting braids but I knew not to let them braid too tight. I left them in for 2.5 months and then started to take them out. The lady who braided my hair instructed me to get in the shower and comb the braids out. I started taking them out by hand but also tried her way. When I was done taking out the braids and washing my hair I had huge tangles and knots all over. I tried everything to get the tangles out, most of them began at the line of demarcation. I got most of the tangles out, but i had to cut a huge chunk from the crown of my head. After I cut the chunk, I conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed my hair and thought I could get away with disguising the huge chunk of hair that was missing. My hair had grown tremendously, I wore my hair like that for a day, but realized it was a mess!

I went home wet my hair looked in the mirror and my grandmother said just do it and I chopped off all the relaxed pieces. I was left with a short curly fro. I cried and ran and bought curly weave and glued it in. I did that because I was scared I looked weird having a big head with almost no hair (lol). The itchy weave came out after two days and I was surprisingly settled with my new do. It was different and I kinda liked it. And I had the option of blowing it out straight if I felt like it.

What were some of your challenges (if any) as a new natural?

The biggest challenge was not buying every product I saw raved about in forums and blogs, I still battle this today. Also, styling my teeny fro was a challenge because I had never had such short hair.

What’s your signature style?
Well, if I had to pick I would say a one side pinned up do. I don’t wear my hair out much on weekdays or style much because I’m too lazy. However, when I go out I usually just start pinning pieces up until I like it!

What hair products do you like?
I like Hello Hydration Conditioner from Herbal Essences and I just started using DevaOne Conditioner and I love that too. My hair def feels more moisturized and softer. Nowadays, I don’t use too many gels or such unless I’m doing comb coils or attempting twists (my twists always unravel). I do use my all time fave Jam to smooth edges.

What do you love most about being natural?
I love the versatility. If I wanted, I could do something new with my hair everyday and change my look completely. I also love that it’s soo different; no two naturals are completely alike. My natural do feels much more like me…it just fits who I am. I can be quiet a times, outspoken at other times, I can be laid back or be in the spotlight…my hair is the same exact way. I love that my hair matches my personality.



3 Comments leave one →
  1. Meerah permalink
    August 3, 2009 2:12 pm

    My blogWorld debut! LOL YaY

  2. Coily Crowns permalink
    August 3, 2009 6:50 pm

    Congrats. :) I love the hair!

  3. Kandice permalink
    December 11, 2009 4:00 pm

    I cant believe u wanted to hide those fabulous curlz!!! Gorgeous they are!!

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