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The Fabulous Janelle Monae

July 10, 2009


Anyone who knows me is probably sick of me talking about Janelle Monae, but who cares! She’s Dope (yes, capital D). I had the pleasure of watching her perform (for the second time) in Brooklyn during the Afro Punk Festival…and all for free.

She rocked it to say the least. She hypnotized the crowd with “Violet Stars Happy Hunting!!!” and “Many Moons.” Her vocal prowess was further exemplified with her emotive rendition of “Smile” to which she dedicated to Michael Jackson. (Watch her moonwalk backwards and forwards in her video “Many Moons” to see the King of Pop’s unmistakable influence.) She ended her set with a treat: a new song. I’m not sure of its exact name (maybe Tightrope), but it was just as fun and lyrically sound as her others.

Not only do I love this young woman’s creativity, talent and relentless energy, but I love her natural pompadour. She’s a true example of rockin’ your natural.

Below are some videos from the show. Sorry for any shaky footage. I did my best.

I had a late start on this song because of a camera malfunction,
i.e. I thought I was recording but wasn’t.   ;)

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