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My Puff

June 28, 2009

Styling started off as a challenge for me, but I’ve figured some things out since my newbie days. After I retained some length, I was plaiting it at night, taking the braids out in the morning, combing it out a bit and tying the front down with a black knee high. Like this…

I wanted to try a compact style as well, which is when I perfected my “puff”.

Credit: J. Voloj

To achieve this style I start with freshly washed, plaited and air dried hair. I comb my hair upward in sections, brush my edges and nape with a boar bristle brush and apply styling gel (Oyin Handmade’s Shine and Define Styling Serum) on the brushed areas. Then, I let the knee high rest on my forehead while I twist the ends together at my nape. Moving the the knee high off my forehead and closer to the top of my head, I smooth the back with one hand and hold the ends of the knee high with the other. Once my hair is at the position I want, I knot the knee high and tuck the remaining strands in at both sides of the puff (my hair covers the knee high so none of this shows). With one satin headscarf, I tie down my hairline and nape. With another scarf, I’ll cover the puff. Ideally, I’ll go to sleep with my hair tied up this way. Doing this gives my puff its rounded compact look. If I have to, due to lack of time, I’ll only wear the satin scarfs for a short while during my morning routine. Well that’s all there is to it. (A pictorial is in the works.)

Until next time coilies.
Regina :)

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  1. Dee permalink
    July 7, 2009 3:19 pm

    It looks so great on you! I'll have to give it a try… ;) hehe

  2. Coily Crowns permalink
    July 7, 2009 11:44 pm

    Thanks Dee. Yes, Give a go!


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